Dallas Banjo Band

​You Can't Play a Sad Song On a Banjo

BACK COUNTRY BBQ, just north of Park on Greenville Ave in north Dallas is where you'll find us every Saturday. We practice from 9AM to 11AM there, with a free show every first Saturday of the month immediately after our practice, from 11AM to Noon. We always have a heavy turnout with lots of repeat fans (and the BBQ here is GREAT!) See our Contact Page for a Map, Address, etc. and how to become a part of our happy gang, or to book us for your event.

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Smokey is one of the earliest inductees into the Banjo Hall of Fame. He is a fantastic banjoist and played with Bob Wills and with the Light Crust Doughboys in radio days. When he agreed to help with the forming of the Band in 1989, he committed to a couple of months to get us started.... he continued, very actively, until his passing at age 90+, in 2001.

The Band was founded in 1989 by Smokey Montgomery (on right) who is in the National Banjo Hall of Fame and is a master Arranger. His arrangements are what separate our Band from most other Banjo Bands. Multiple melody, rhythm, and Bass parts make the Band sound like a full orchestra. We play four-string Banjo and our members are both very professional musicians and others who are just starting  to enjoy the Banjo. Our current oldest player is 90, with most of us in the 70's and 80's; but apparent renewed interest in the Banjo has resulted in our adding younger players as well as several women who have added to the talent and dynamics of the Band. Our music is varied and includes just about every genre, from classical to tap your feet. Most of all the tunes are FUN TUNES and entertaining.

Sample DBB Tunes.