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ALL FRETS MAGAZINE    Cover & Article

The official national magazine of the Banjo (and other fretted instruments) has decided to feature the Dallas Banjo Band in its Nov-Dec 2018 issue. This being the 30th anniversary of the Band's founding, the article goes into the events leading up to the formation of the Band and also a good biography of Smokey Montgomery and his part in making the Band what it is today.

By now everyone knows that the DBB is very fortunate to have a genuine Opera Star among its Banjoists.

Tamora Wood is a Mezzo Soprano who appears with the Dallas Opera and other venues, worldwide.

At a recent recital of Opera Arias by Tamora, and a Soprano cohort,  for the Puccini Society in Dallas, Tamora suggested to them that it might be interesting to have a Banjo Band to add variety to the show by having the Band Play it's signature piece, RHAPSODY IN BLUE, at the recital.

VOILA!... enter the Dallas Banjo Band, and a good time was had by all !

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