This Page is primarily for Banjoists, and the Links offer lots of good information to improve your playing, to keep up with what's going on in the Banjo community, and a source for the chording of many, many tunes,etc.

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National Banjo Players Directory

View or add your info to this Directory sponsored by the Museum (free)

Banjoseen Banjo

More Helpful Misc Ban​jo information (all tunings)

Dr Uke

A ukulele site, but a bonanza for Chicago-tuned Banjoists, as the Baritone Uke chords in the 100's of songs are exactly the same as DGBE guitar tuning.

NOTE- ​non Chicago-tuned Banjoists can still take advantage of the songs (just ignore the chord symbols and play the indicated chord in their tuning).

American 4-string

Banjo Museum

​Oklahoma City, OK

​Hundreds of pictures of lavish Banjos and Home of the Banjo Hall of Fame, of which our founder, Smokey Montgomery, was an early honoree.

​You Can't Play a Sad Song On a Banjo

All Frets

Formerly FIGA, an organization for all fretted Instruments

Bottorff Banjo Page

Banjo tuning, Maintenance, Songs, Tips, etc

Dallas Banjo Band