​​​​​​​​Do You Think It Might Be Fun To Play In The Dallas Banjo Band ?

You're absolutely right .... it WOULD be !

It may be easier than you think... we're always looking for new talent. As a large group, we can often  absorb a few players who can grow on the job as they gain playing skills.

​Our members are always helpful with new players; and there are excellent sources available for Banjo lessons and to buy​, repair, or update a Banjo (click icons below)

​If you play Guitar it's even easier; There's a banjo tuning, called "Chicago style", that uses your typical DGBE  tuning of the top 4 strings on a guitar. You'll transition in no time !

​We occasionally might even have a short term loaner Banjo to use before you buy your own.

​We especially are looking for younger players as our older Banjoists leave; and we've recently added 4 young ladies who lower our average age and boost our physical "look" !

​We're a fun group (almost a Fraternity/Sorority feel), and we would also welcome your young offspring as well... to "keep them off the streets" !

Email us on the Contact Page to explore your becoming

"one of the gang" !

Dallas Banjo Band

​You Can't Play a Sad Song On a Banjo

Vinnie Mondello-

BanjoHaven Banjos for Sale/Repair

Scott Whitfield- Nationally known ex-DBB Banjoist  for Lessons.