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Our DBB Tamora Wood Continues To Amaze Us

We continue to learn more about Tamora's many, many talents and contributions to Society. We just found out about her longtime efforts in support of the victims of Sexual Abuse.

Tamora was approached, 15 years ago, to add her magnificent Soprano voice to a song written by Amy Pine, a psychotherapist who had been championing support of all kinds for victims of sexual abuse, so as to increase awareness of the problem with a musical recording.

The simple, at first, recording was very successful in the  promotional efforts, so Tamora and some other talented associates decided to turn up the steam with a professionally done video of the song. They not only did that, but their video of "Hit BY Lightning" (the song title) was so well done that the video was presented at the 2016 Santa Cruz Film Festival and has been awarded a Golden Music Awards Bronze Medal this year in the English Musical Video category.

To learn more about Tamora's  and Amy's efforts in this well deserving cause, checkout their website:


You can learn more of their story, see the great video, and (very importantly) contribute to the cause.

Congratulations on the video, Tamora, and continued success with your progress on tackling the Sexual Abuse issues that often destroy their victims without the support that you and Amy provide.


​You Can't Play a Sad Song On a Banjo